Why We Should Dislike Al Gore, Reasons 528 and 529

The price of chocolate and bonbons is going up. Why? The cocoa plantations in Malaysia have largely been replaced by palm oil plantations for bio-fuel.

The price of beer is also going up for similar reasons, as farmers replace barley with corn and soybeans.

Biofuels are being encouraged in order to combat global warming, which recently caused more than a hundred people in Afghanistan to freeze to death. Now we can’t even comfort the suffering with cheap chocolate and beer. Thanks Al.

The upside for Gore and the U.N.? The Afghan cold snap killed about 35,000 head of cattle, which are a major contributor to global warming.

Al’s considering the dead cattle to be five days worth of carbon credits, so now he can fly around in his private jet this week with a clear conscience:


Author: Doug Powers

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