New York Times Endorses McCain, Other Republicans Rejoice

From our ever-busy “With friends like these…” department, this just in: The New York Times has endorsed two candidates this primary season: one Democrat, and one… nearly Democrat.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the paper’s choices going into the “Super Tuesday” primaries in about ten days.

Normally candidates tout newspaper endorsements, but for a candidate who’s trying to bring the conservative base of the GOP on board, getting a nod from The New York Times is like Weight Watchers being pleased to have Michael Moore as their spokesman.

Not to worry, conservatives — The Times endorsed McCain in 2000 also, and you know how that turned out.

Other Republican candidates are taking advantage of the Times’ endorsement of McCain. This is evidenced in the following rather effective Romney ad that showcases the fact that McCain’s been doing smoochie-smoochie with more Democrats than the chick working the kissing booth at Mills College’s “Put Mikhail Gorbachev on Mt. Rushmore” fundraiser.

Author: Doug Powers

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