The McCain Scrutiny

If John McCain is the GOP nominee, the Democrats will be as excited as Kwame Kilpatrick getting a text message. Why? Because no matter which party wins in November, they’ll essentially have someone in the White House.

It’s no secret how I feel about McCain’s solid RINO status, but, just as I was about to explain it yet again, I ran across a headline on the parody news site that sums it up: “John Edwards drops out, endorses McCain”

But it’s not all parody. Here’s a liberal who likes McCain (read: The liberal case for McCain), in part because he won’t nominate evil conservatives judges — who have the audacity to interpret Constitutional law rather than invent it — for the Supreme Court.

Michelle Malkin told Glenn Beck she might sit at home on election night if McCain’s the GOP nominee.

The Democrats recognize this sentiment among conservatives, which could be why there’s a reason McCain’s been winning big among “independents.” And I’m willing to bet that, somehow, magically, about 75% of these “independents” will be voting for Obama or Hillary in November.

Why get a knock-off when you can have the genuine article for the same price?

Author: Doug Powers

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