Denial Ain’t Just a River

nullHillary’s campaign has put out what appears to have been intended to be an internal memo about strategy following next Tuesday’s primaries in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The memo essentially paints Obama’s non-blowouts as proof that he’s lagging. Huh? Yeah, I thought that to. Here’s the memo.

Hillary’s people are admitting that Barack is out-campaigning them, out-fundraising them, out-orating them, out-spending them, and getting more big endorsements than them.

With all that, if Obama doesn’t win all four states, Hillary’s people say, this is evidence of a problem:

Should Senator Obama fail to score decisive victories with all of the resources and effort he is bringing to bear, the message will be clear:

Democrats, the majority of whom have favored Hillary in the primary contests held to date, have their doubts about Senator Obama and are having second thoughts about him as a prospective standard-bearer.

I never thought I’d feel sorry for the Clintons, but now — I still don’t. But it’s getting really pathetic nonetheless.


Bravo Sierra of the Day: McCain and Global Warming

I was reading a piece at the Huffington Post (“It is wise to study the ways of ones adversary”) called “Bill Buckley’s conservatism.”

Much of the column I agreed with, but toward the end I ran across this fallacious gem:

For now, it’s enough to note that Buckley deserves laurels not simply for his elegant flair and tolerant temperament, but also his contempt for radical ideologues on the right — the unhinged types who are now whining that John McCain isn’t conservative enough because he has the temerity to recognize that global warming is actually taking place and needs to be stopped.

This kind of tripe is oft-trumpeted, mostly by liberals who are thrilled that the GOP is about to nominate the weakest possible candidate and become angered when somebody points that out. But as far as the “McCain recognizes that global warming is taking place” thing, I haven’t seen a bigger pile of crap since witnessing a head-on collision between a septic cleaning van and a Port-O-San delivery truck.

John McCain does not believe that man-made climate change is taking place. McCain is constantly saying things like “even if we’re wrong, so what, we’re creating a cleaner world.” Along putting more money in the hands of polticians — which is McCain’s specialty.

As evidence that it’s really only about the government getting their hands on more private sector money, McCain did an interview not long ago with Frank Beckmann on WJR in Detroit.

Beckmann: “It’s (forcing companies to adopt ‘green’ technologies’) going to be costly to Americans, isn’t it?”

McCain: “I know of nothing costly to Americans. As I say, General Electric is makin’ lots of money…”

Yes, and they’ll pass it along to the consumer, Mr. Honorary Democrat. Thanks a lot.

This is the guy who calls himself “conservative.” In actuality, McCain is no different than Bill Clinton, who once told a business owner who expressed concern over high taxes to “just raise your price.”

Here’s a short clip from the WJR radio interview from January. Put on your waders before clicking “play”:

A Harry Situation: British vs. American Media

Prince Harry (aka “the bullet magnet”) had been serving in Afghanistan for ten weeks until the word leaked out, and now that the news is public he may have to head for home.

His deployment there was subject to a news blackout deal struck to preserve his safety, but it broke down after foreign media leaked the story.

The deal included guaranteed access to Harry for interviews if the media wouldn’t report on the deployment.

It’s good to see that the Brits still have some media who, in the end, realize which side they’re on. Can you imagine the larger American media (NYT, CNN, USA Today) being able to keep it zipped for ten weeks about anything to do with the war — especially about something that may actually help the U.S. win the damn thing?

Maybe the NYT did know about this, but if we were to substitute Harry with, say, Jenna Bush, the secret would have been out before Dubya could say “nu-kew-lur.”

In the old days, before treason fell under the umbrella of freedom of speech, reporting information beneficial to the enemy in wartime would have meant the firing squad for the likes of the leaker. Nowadays the mainstream media will not discern between friend and enemy — believing it’s not their place to do so. If the enemy wins the war, however, the enemy will do the discerning for them, but the media doesn’t seem to realize that.

In 1780, British Maj. Andre was found in possession of the plans for West Point given to him by Benedict Arnold. After some American scouts found the documents after a patdown, the major was hanged.

If the same thing happened today, the mainstream media in the United States would have called for George Washington’s head for violating the privacy rights of Andre. After all, the major was merely a tourist sharing cultural exchange with a local. Benedict Arnold would have then secured a tenured humanities professorship at Columbia University.

Of course, we’re talking about papers like the New York Times, which would have done such a good job at helping to win the Revolutionary War that the cover of the paper would have looked like this:


Bush and Geldof: Diary From the Road

My views on how we currently supply financial aid to Africa, which most often does nothing but create wealthier tyrants, are well documented in columns here, here and here.

But I have to admit that Bob Geldof’s article in Time is a good read in that it actually points out some fatal flaws that allows our mistakes to happen over and over again — though I’m sure it wasn’t intended that way.

Geldof’s rather long piece had me from the opening lines:

I gave the president my book. He raised an eyebrow. “Who wrote this for ya, Geldof?” he said without looking up from the cover. Very dry. “Who will you get to read it for you, Mr. President?” I replied. No response.

It’s that kind of mutual “touche’!” with which male friendships are born.

But Geldof helps highlight Bush’s involvement in Africa (where he says Bush has done more in Africa than any other president) with these words about how little of it has been brought to the attention of the American people:

It is some story. And I have always wondered why it was never told properly to the American people, who were paying for it.

Uh, that’s why it’s never told properly to the American people — because we’re paying for it, and the money disappears as fast as it’s sent.

That it even needs to be told to the American people in the first place could be construed as evidence of an across-the-board lack of demand on our part for accountability as to where the hell our money is going, and more importantly, if it’s doing anything but creating richer anti-American thugs in Africa.

And the fact that all this needs to be brought to our attention by the former singer for The Boomtown Rats just adds to the perplexity.

At any rate, it’s an interesting essay, and you can read all the pages of it here.

Forlorn in the USA

nullBruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Pearl Jam are making yet another anti-war CD to go with yet another anti-war movie that nobody will see.

When will this end? Well, let’s think about it this way — there are still people protesting the Vietnam war. And it would appear that the United States is winning in Iraq, which makes it even more of a travesty for those with more money and free time than brains.

A concert will no doubt follow, with band intros by Cindy Sheehan. The “artists” will leave their mansions, arrive in private jets, stay in five-star hotel suites, ride in limousines and take a stage unimpeded to say whatever they please without fear of government retribution, all in an effort to demonstrate the horrific den of global oppression that is America.

There will also no doubt be another vacuous singer like Rickie Lee Jones, who told the New York Post in 2004 that America (Bush) has created “the closest we’ve come to Nazi Germany.” If she can prove that Nazi Germany also had an ignoramus singer with a head devoid of historical scope, on a stage loaded with amplifiers and relativism, then I’ll agree with her and all the rest of these boneheads.

Last Black Guy on the SS Hillary Jumps Ship

If you don’t count Bill Clinton, John Lewis seems to be pretty much the last remaining black politician who still endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.

Not any more:

Civil rights leader John Lewis has dropped his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid in favor of Barack Obama, according to a newspaper report Wednesday.

Why? Well, she’s probably not going to win.

I’m so moved by the unwaivering loyalty and personal integrity of politicians — until their “friends” fall behind and are no longer useful in enhancing their careers, bank accounts and power bases. Then they’re outta there!

The media’s beating up on Clinton and she has virtually no minority support? Welcome to the GOP, Hillary!

Rest in Peace, William F. Buckley, Jr.

We’re all painfully aware that our physical lives here on earth won’t last for eternity, but William F. Buckley seemed like one of those people who would live forever.

Just this morning, in the car, I was listening (yet again) to the book-on-tape version (actually a CD which accompanies the book) of Buckley’s fantastic autobiography, “Miles Gone By.” Just a couple of hours after that, I heard on the news that Buckley, the Godfather of modern conservatism, died in his Stamford, Conn. home last night.

Read one of the last interviews of Buckley, along with some classic Buckley quotes, and remember the man/author/commentator/ philanthropist/pilot/sailor and musician today.

Not even a year ago, he was preceded in death by his wife, Patricia.

“Miles Gone By” concludes with Buckley’s thoughts on the final passage from life. Somewhere up there, Bill and Pat are joyfully hoisting a spinnaker together again:

Ah, but the sea always has something lying in wait for you. Perhaps, in my last years, I’ll deny it the opportunity to vex me.

But if so, how can I draw from it those fleeted moments? You have shortened sail just a little, because you want more steadiness than you are going to get at this speed, the wind up to 22, 24 knots, and it is late at night, and there are only two of you in the cockpit. You are moving at racing speed, parting the buttery sea as with a scalpel, and the waters roar by, themselves exuberantly subdued by your powers to command your way through them. Triumphalism . . . and the stars also seem to be singing together for joy.

Stuff White People Like

nullThis morning I was pointed in the direction of a blog called “Stuff white people like.”

What is it? A list of stuff white people like, and why they like it.

So far there are 76 items. #8 is “Barack Obama.” #62 is “Knowing what’s best for poor people.” #67 is “Standing still at concerts.” #29 is “80’s night.”

Are you a white person like me? Click here to find out what you like.

If you’re a white person who doesn’t like stereotyped lists about what white people like, send the guy an email and maybe he’ll add that to the list.

(h/t Lucianne)

Larry Craig Taps Potential Interns

Idaho Senator Larry Craig is looking for summer interns.

If interested, your personality must click with the Senator’s. The application deadline is approaching, so don’t stall, because the door will swing shut by mid-March. Finalists will be flushed out by early April. Must wash hands before returning to work. Those who are not going to be chosen will see the writing on the wall by late spring.

Okay, I admit it — I’m just doing anything to avoid talking about Hillary and Obama’s sickening gang-banging of a dog-eared copy of Das Kapital that took place last night on MSNBC.