Hillary’s campaign has put out what appears to have been intended to be an internal memo about strategy following next Tuesday’s primaries in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. The memo essentially paints Obama’s non-blowouts as proof that he’s lagging. Huh? Yeah, I thought that to. Here’s the memo. Hillary’s people are admitting that Barack […]

I was reading a piece at the Huffington Post (“It is wise to study the ways of ones adversary”) called “Bill Buckley’s conservatism.” Much of the column I agreed with, but toward the end I ran across this fallacious gem: For now, it’s enough to note that Buckley deserves laurels not simply for his elegant […]

Prince Harry (aka “the bullet magnet”) had been serving in Afghanistan for ten weeks until the word leaked out, and now that the news is public he may have to head for home. His deployment there was subject to a news blackout deal struck to preserve his safety, but it broke down after foreign media […]

Campaigning in Ohio, Hillary Clinton was proudly introduced by one of her major endorsers:

My views on how we currently supply financial aid to Africa, which most often does nothing but create wealthier tyrants, are well documented in columns here, here and here. But I have to admit that Bob Geldof’s article in Time is a good read in that it actually points out some fatal flaws that allows […]

Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Pearl Jam are making yet another anti-war CD to go with yet another anti-war movie that nobody will see. When will this end? Well, let’s think about it this way — there are still people protesting the Vietnam war. And it would appear that the United States is winning in […]

If you don’t count Bill Clinton, John Lewis seems to be pretty much the last remaining black politician who still endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama. Not any more: Civil rights leader John Lewis has dropped his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid in favor of Barack Obama, according to a newspaper report Wednesday. […]

We’re all painfully aware that our physical lives here on earth won’t last for eternity, but William F. Buckley seemed like one of those people who would live forever. Just this morning, in the car, I was listening (yet again) to the book-on-tape version (actually a CD which accompanies the book) of Buckley’s fantastic autobiography, […]

This morning I was pointed in the direction of a blog called “Stuff white people like.” What is it? A list of stuff white people like, and why they like it. So far there are 76 items. #8 is “Barack Obama.” #62 is “Knowing what’s best for poor people.” #67 is “Standing still at concerts.” […]

Idaho Senator Larry Craig is looking for summer interns. If interested, your personality must click with the Senator’s. The application deadline is approaching, so don’t stall, because the door will swing shut by mid-March. Finalists will be flushed out by early April. Must wash hands before returning to work. Those who are not going to […]

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