America in Six Words?

A NYT blogger presents a challenge that seems to have caught on in Internet-land:

Inspired by a recent trip to London, this recent Times article about England’s reluctant search for a national motto (suggestions range from “No Motto Please, We’re British” to “One Mighty Empire, Slightly Used”), as well as by this new book on six-word memoirs (which we teased not long ago here), I invite you all to attempt the following:

Write a six-word motto for the U.S. of A.

So far there are 842 suggestions ranging from anti-American tripe to patriotic to just plain funny. My personal favorite among what I’ve waded through so far is “Land of the six-word motto.”

I’ll go ahead and throw a couple more on the pile: “Free to not write a motto” — and “Land where anti-Americans feel safest.”

Author: Doug Powers

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