Veep-ing with the Enemy

nullNow that Democrats have managed to secure the GOP nomination for John McCain — and vice-versa — there is much speculation on who McCain’s choice will be for a running mate.

Pat Toomey at The Wall Street Journal does some speculating. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Sen. Jim “creme” DeMint, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, Former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, and even publisher Steve Forbes are mentioned as possible veeps.

Some people say that a veep should be used to “balance out the ticket,” but that’s not always the case — nor it is even always possible. For example, McCain’s a liberal on most issues other than the war and abortion. So if the ticket is to be balanced, McCain will have to find somebody who’s conservative on immigration, taxes and CFR but who’s pro abortion and anti-war. Good luck with that.

Rest assured the choice will be somebody to the right of McCain himself — mostly because everybody to the left of him is either already running for president as a Democrat or has a cushy teaching gig at a major university.

Astute political observers, however, speculate that McCain’s VP nod should go to either Bob Dole or Vicente Fox.

Author: Doug Powers

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