Presidential EnGoresement: Where’s Al?

After much speculation about who Al “it’s so cold that it feels hot, doesn’t it?” Gore would endorse, CNN is reporting that the Goracle won’t endorse a candidate during primary season.

Al learned a lesson in 2004, after he endorsed Howard “YEEARRGH!” Dean early, and, well, you know how that went.

Gore can’t afford a hit to his credibility. After all, he’s got some serious hypocrisy to hide, so he won’t endorse anything (other than Burger King, KFC and climate change) for the foreseeable future.

Gore only bets on sure things these days, and so far nothing is clear in the Democrat race. Besides, Gore’s financial future depends on a president who stands by his side and scares the bejeebers out of everybody to the degree where they send in their carbon credit money — to Al Gore. This won’t work nearly as well if Gore ends up angering a candidate who ends up ultimately winning.

Based on the following Hillary Clinton ad, I’m thinking Gore will lean toward Obama. The ad is a spoof on a “VH1’s Behind the Music” program, targeted to youth who want to make a higher education cheaper for their parents so there’s a higher balance on the credit card the folks let them use at college.

What Hillary’s people didn’t include is a line that’s in many of those shows: “And that’s when they lost it all…” That can be edited in later — after they lose it all:

Author: Doug Powers

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