Backpedaling in Birkenstocks Ain’t Easy

The great United States Marines have scored yet another victory over a dangerous outbreak of lunacy that is detremental to a free people — this time on domestic soil — sort of:

After a day of enraged confrontation outside Berkeley City Hall between anti-war and pro-military demonstrators, the City Council backed down early Wednesday from its controversial decision to tell the U.S. Marines they are “unwelcome intruders” for operating a downtown recruiting center.

“Code Pink,” the group so-named because of all the Pepto Bismol you have to chug after looking at them, said they now plan to place a resolution on the ballot to have the Marine office removed from Berkeley.

All I know is that tactics like what we see below certainly won’t work. This is like telling a kid that if he doesn’t stop misbehaving, he can’t have any spinach:

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Author: Doug Powers

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