Now That’s a Load Off: NYC Finally Gets New Condom Design

If you’re like me, every time you visit New York City, you say to yourself, “Dang, I wish they’d redesign these free condoms!”

Well worry no more:

The official New York City condom has a different look and a sexy new slogan: New Yorkers are being encouraged to “get some” on Valentine’s Day.

Street teams will be handing out the free condoms at busy hubs around the city on Thursday, including Times Square, Wall Street and near City Hall.

The city has an “official” condom? This has to have something to do with Bill Clinton moving in a few years ago.

My design would have had something to do with the Empire State Building, but I digress. Maybe they’re saving that idea for the “official NYC free heroin syringe,” the design of which will be complete just as soon as they’re finished banning trans fats, smoking and other things that are potentially bad for us.

Author: Doug Powers

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