Thursday Afternoon Grab Bag

I’ve run across lots of stuff today, none of which really deserves its own post, but here’s some of the afternoon goings-on in case you missed it:

–A new Indiana Jones movie will be out in May. Click here to watch the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I enjoyed the chase scene that involved Indy going 40 mph on a Sri Lankan expressway with his blinker on.

Romney to endorse McCain. In November of this year, it’ll be Democrat vs. Democrat locked in a battle to the comprimise on how to best get their hands on our money! Change? Well, sort of — change is all you’ll have left in your pocket.

–Satire: Atheist sees image of Big Bang in piece of toast. Too funny.

–Jonah Goldberg at National Review relays a hilarious A Few Good Men-style dialog from Roger Clemens testimony at the hearings by the “We have nothing better to do, it’s not like there’s a war to win or anything” congressional committee.

–Below is a picture of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (it’s either him or Montel Williams) joking around in a way only somebody who’s fiercely pro gun control can:

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Ray Nagin decides that there’s now too much chocolate in the city

Author: Doug Powers

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