The Obama Plan to Create Wealthier Despots and Warlords

nullGreat news: The Obama/Cantwell/Hagel bill calls for another $845 billion to fight global poverty.

Hey, that money might do some good — if poor nations, particularly in Africa, weren’t loaded to the brim with warlords, despots and crooked leaders.

The historical lesson from traditional African aid is clear: No matter how much money you send, if the delivery boy is named Bugsy Siegel, chances are little of the money will reach the intended target.

Not long ago, Nigeria’s “anti-corruption commission” — runner-up in the “oxymoron of the year” competition, second only to “U.S. Senate Intelligence” — found that past rulers of Nigeria have stolen or misused billions of dollars.

The commission discovered that the amount of money “missing” adds up to all the Western aid given to Africa in four decades. Obama wants to throw more at them. Apparently Obama, Cantwell and Hagel won’t be happy until there are trillions of our tax dollars stolen by crooked leaders and warlords.

In order to truly help cure misery in third world nations, a capitalist environment is needed on-site, but that can only be established after getting rid of despots, warlords and crooked leaders. Obama, Hagel and Cantwell’s plan to give them a salary increase isn’t likely to solve the problem.

In the summer of 2005, performers at the Live8 concerts asked, “If we can spend billions of dollars to kill people, why can’t we spend billions of dollars to feed people?”

The sad reality is that sometimes you have to do that first part in order to make the last part possible.

Author: Doug Powers

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