Sir Charles’ Christianity Paradox

Normally I get a kick out of Charles Barkley as an equal opportunity offender, but this time he throws up a wild airball from downtown that somehow hits himself in the head and causes permanent “dain bramage.”

Aside from announcing that he’s going to run for Alabama governor in… uh, the year 2014… Barkley claims, in the below interview with Wolf Blitzer, that you’re a “fake Christian” if you’re against abortion and gay marriage, because that’s being judgemental, and judgementalism is wrong.

Yep, nothing screams out “authentic Christian” more than somebody who promotes homosexual marriage and baby killing.

As if the act of believing that somebody can’t be a real Christian unless that person believes that abortion is a God-given right isn’t being judgemental.

Relish in the moronic lack of logic and religious acumen. Stick to hoops, Sir Charles.

Author: Doug Powers

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