President Bush: Footloose and Fancy Free

nullHillary Clinton and Barack Obama spent yesterday “debating” in Texas, each one trying to appear different from the other despite holding virtually similar liberal views.

This “birds of a feather try to flock separately” mentality led to give and take like this:

“I’m opposed to a 2,000 mile border fence.”

“Not me, I think we need a border fence, so long as it’s never built.”

As that was going on, President Bush was in Africa doing the white man’s overbite. Bob Geldof recently said that Bush has done more for Africa than any other U.S. president ever has — but I’ll assume he was talking about aid and not dance instruction.

Gee, do you think Dubya is happy to be about to finally hand the job over to somebody else? It doesn’t show.

Author: Doug Powers

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