Join Greenpeace, Gain Immunity from Airport Security

There’s a scene in the movie “Airplane” where two heavily armed men in berets and one sweet old lady are walking through a metal detector. The buzzer goes off, and security grabs the elderly woman and throws her up against the wall as the two would-be terrorists proceed unimpeded.

That movie was more prophetic that anybody could possibly know.

From our “‘While you were busy removing your shoes, having your friggin’ toothpaste confiscated and being arrested for spending too much time in the airport Men’s room’ department” comes this:

Five environmental activists were arrested after they climbed onto a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport on Monday to protest plans to build a third runway there.

Greenpeace said the activists walked across the tarmac and climbed onto the British Airways Airbus A320 after it landed on a domestic flight from Manchester in northern England.

Here’s a picture of how effective airport security is:


In the meantime, you are lucky to get merely a warning shot from airport cops if you sit in the “loading and unloading” zone for more than ten seconds.


“I’m telling you, dammit… there’s hippies on the wing!”

Author: Doug Powers

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