Canada’s Nationalized Health Care Comes to the United States


This from Toronto’s “Globe and Mail”:

More than 400 Canadians in the full throes of a heart attack or other cardiac emergency have been sent to the United States because no hospital can provide the lifesaving care they require here.

Most of the heart patients who have been sent south since 2003 typically show up in Ontario hospitals, where they are given clot-busting drugs. If those drugs fail to open their clogged arteries, the scramble to locate angioplasty in the United States begins.

The problem for U.S. citizens is that, once Democrats and liberal Republicans manage to completely destroy our health care system by making it “free,” we won’t have anywhere to go for quality, specialized care.

How many Canadians with clogged arteries will die as a result, eh?

Thanks, caring politicians.

Author: Doug Powers

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