Democrats Vote Like The Three Stooges Perform Brain Surgery

As for the primaries on Tuesday night — what is it with Democrats and not being able to vote (allegedly) for any number of reasons?

Hillary cries foul in Texas

Ballot confusion in northern Ohio

Voting “irregularities” in Ohio

Confusion Rampant Over Texas ‘Primacaucus’ Rules

Ohio precincts remain open late because Obama’s people claimed they might run out of ballots even though they hadn’t run out of them by the regular closing time

The only remaining question is how the Dems are going to end up blaming all their incompetence on non-Democrats — which is, after all, the entire modus operandi of the DNC.

Update: Having won Ohio by a large margin, Texas by a slim one, and Rhode Island, Tuesday is being billed as “Hillary’s big night.” Remember though, she only made a net gain of about 29 delagates (here’s a delegate scorecard). She needs blowouts in remaining contests to pull out a win — either that or an FBI file on Obama that’s full of drugs, Boy Scouts and Al Qaeda meetings.

Update II: Hillary has the following on her website:

Report Voting Problems
Have you seen or heard of any issues with voting or people trying to keep others from voting? Please fill out the form below to send a report to our voter protection team.

Haga click aquí para la version en espanol.

“Voter protection team” kind of has a nice Chattahoochee Mafia-esque ring to it, doesn’t it?

Author: Doug Powers

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