Pro-Abortion V-Day: Ray Nagin Offers More of the Usual Pap

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin created another hairy situation last week when he said how he’s helping spread the word about the 10th anniversary of V-Day:

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin says he is “a vagina-friendly Mayor.”

Nagin made the remark while welcoming the author of the Vagina Monlogues, Eve Ensler to the city to promote the “V-Day” celebration in New Orleans next month.

Appearing at the two day event will be Oprah Winfrey, Marisa Tomei, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Salma Hayek, Sally Field, Christina Lahti and Faith Hill.

If there’s a benevolent God, at least six of those ten vaginas will be “unavailable for comment.”

As for “V-Day” itself, the stated goal is to help existing organizations end violence against women in all parts of the world. There are statistics on their website about crimes committed against women in categories such as the following:


I actually added that last one. Did it seem out of place, given the list of women who are involved with “V-Day”?

There are about 46 million abortions per year around the world. Assuming a 50/50 ratio (although many countries such as China abort females at far higher rates than males due to one-child laws), that’s 23 million females (and potential future financial supporters of V-Day, nudge-nudge) per year murdered.

Murdered. Not raped, not beaten, not enslaved, not genitally mutilated — but killed — all while many of the liberals who lead this particular cause to “save women’s lives” remain politically active and very vocal in their support for the “right” that slaughters millions upon millions of females each year.

As a matter of fact, in spite of all the information about violence against women around the world that is highlighted on the V-Day website, a site search for “abortion” returns no results. Okay, how about “forced abortion”? Nope, nuttin’.

V-Day: Because women have rights, but only after a certain age. Just ask New Orleans’ vagina-friendly mayor — now with disposable applicator.

Author: Doug Powers

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