Vatican Announces Release of ‘7 Deadly Sins II: This Time It’s Personal’

If you’re Catholic, congratulations — they just gave you more stuff to worry about:

Vatican City (AHN) – In an attempt to give moral and ethical behavior more significance to current times, the Vatican has recently announced seven new deadly sins, published in an issue of the L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper.
Mgr Girotti named the new mortal sins to be (1) genetic modification; (2) human experimentations, (3) polluting the environment; (4) social injustice; (5) causing poverty; (6) financial gluttony; and (7) taking drugs.

How much money is Al Gore going to be able to milk from #3? Don’t think he’s not in front of a calculator as we speak.

I kind of like #5, because it might help put an ecclesiastical silver bullet through liberal politicians’ economic schemes, often caused by either #6 or #7 — or both.

Speaking of “financial gluttony,” I never cease to get a kick out of hearing diatribes on the sinfulness of greed coming from a group of people who live in a bejeweled solid gold city.


Shouldn’t “Pride” be a deadly sin? Oh, wait…

Author: Doug Powers

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