Arnold Schwarzenegger: Environmental Predator

From a 2007 article in Fortune Magazine entitled “The Governator’s Green Agenda”:

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor in 2003, the environment was not high on his agenda. Now it is. That matters, because where California goes, the rest of the country just may follow. Fortune’s Nina Easton reports.

The environment is high on Ah-nuld’s agenda. So high, in fact, that he has to take his private Gulfstream jet way up there every day to fetch it:

As the Los Angeles Times reported last week, the governor has been spending nearly every night in his Brentwood mansion, shuttling between Sacramento and Southern California in his private jet.

The governor uses his own money to pay for his Gulfstream flights, which price out at about $10,000 an hour, the Times reports.

But no, it’s the governors who go to see hookers who are the ones who are ostracized, mocked and shamed. Something’s wrong here.

But Ah-nuld says he makes up for his environmental rape by purchasing “carbon credits.”

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a “carbon credit” is when you pay somebody else, in some form or another, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as yours stay the same or rise (either that or pay somebody else to plant trees, etc). This is a practice called a “carbon offset” and it’s the favored denial system of wealthy blithering hypocrites.

The unspeakable fact of the matter is that if Schwarzenegger didn’t fly in his private jet almost every day, there would be that much less energy burned and spewed into the atmosphere. Period. Arnold produces nothing by flying. If all his energy consumption went toward producing, say, wheat, his offset would be fed human beings. When his energy consumption goes toward getting home that night for parent/teacher conferences at school, the only way to offset this would be to move his family closer to his office. Anything else is kidding himself and everybody else, which is what much of the “global warming” theory is based upon.

How come it seems that carbon credits never work the other way around? Can you write to Arnold Schwarzenegger and tell him not to fly in his private jet tomorrow so you can mow your lawn today? Of course not. Offsetting Schwarzenegger’s carbon emissions is your responsibility as a global citizen. Asking Schwarzenegger to offset yours is — proof-positive you need to cut back on your energy consumption.


“Get out of your jet and step right up, Governor Schwarzenegger, I’ve got gen-u-yyne 100% carbon credits here.”

Author: Doug Powers

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