Thanks to Martina Navratilova

nullThe score in the first game of the match between Navratilova vs. Reality is love-40.

In a move that could cause kd lang and Rosie O’Donnell to seek depression therapy, former tennis star Martina Navratilova has “become disillusioned with the U.S.” and is “defecting” back to Czechoslovakia. This is mostly due to our communist dictator (“altogether now”) George W. Bush.

Please, nobody tell her that Bush is almost out of office.

How lousy is the United States? Well, Navratilova left Czechoslovakia in the 70’s, at the height of the cold war, because the communist regime was denying her the right to compete in the United States, where most of the major tournaments were held. In other words, America was where all the freedom to make money was.

Why is Navratilova free to move back to her native country? Because of the United States — specifically Ronald Reagan’s “Extreme Makeover: Eastern Bloc Edition” program that brought the wall down — and with it, much of the oppressive communism that Navratilova fled. Oh, that and the millions of dollars she’s earned in the country she’s grown to disdain.

Navratilova doesn’t like the very nation that helped remove the iron boot from the throat of her native land. Why? As near as I can tell, because we’re still trying to remove the iron boot from the throats of other nations.

You can’t help but laugh at idiots like Navratilova — but at least she’s better than other US celebs who always badmouth America but never leave. Since George W. Bush took office, the percentage of celebrities who threatened to leave the U.S. has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, the percentage actually leaving hasn’t budged much.

Here’s your “complete B.S. of the day” quote. Navratilova said that the land she fled in the mid-70’s is better in comparison to what the U.S. has become. Uh huh. If Czechoslovakia falls into the wrong hands again, guess who will be back on our doorstep, tennis racket in one hand and Ellen Degeneres signature edition strap-on in the other?

As evidence of this forethought on the part of Navratilova, I present to you “exhibit A”: She’s going to maintain dual citizenship between the Czech Republic and the United States. The U.S. has become such an oppressive cesspool that… she’s going to leave the door open to a return just in case somebody who’s actually as bad as she claims George W. Bush is gets in charge of Czechoslovakia.

In any case, thanks to Martina Navratilova for demonstrating to domestic America-bashers that they’re free to leave America and not just talk about it. If they’ll be free where they end up is anybody’s guess. Just as long as they don’t come back with their tails between their legs… again.

Author: Doug Powers

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