The Alan Dershowitz Moral Equivalency Test

As Silda Spitzer fends off “so you’re almost single now?” phone calls from Bill Clinton, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is doing some pro-bono work for Silda’s husband, soon-to-be ex NY Governor Eliot Spitzer.

In today’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, Dershowitz does so much sleight-of-hand that you almost forget what brought about the discussion in the first place — good lawyer work, in other words.

Here’s Dersh’s column. I particularly like the part about Spitzer being “entrapped.” The poor governor was just minding his own business one day when, out of the blue, the government gave him five grand, a fierce case of the hornies, and made him go nail an overpriced hooker. Five grand? And yet people are bitching about the price of gas?

In any case, Dershowitz is correct in many of his off-topic rants — specifically in making bank tellers agents for the Federal government and the existing potential for over-reaching prosecutors, but what’s that got to do with Eliot Spitzer shelling out several grand for whores and placing himself in a position where he as a public official could have been blackmailed? Maybe I’m missing the connection.

The feds were investigating Spitzer on suspicion of taking bribes, and he got busted as a john instead. That happens all the time — cops pull people over for speeding and instead find pot in the car. Because the intent was to address the former doesn’t preclude action against the latter. Welcome to the real world, Mr. Dershowitz.

It’s no wonder our government is in such a shambles when our only demands from our politicians is that they be at least as good as the lowest common denominator in the country.

Dershowitz’s “this is no big deal because everybody does it” defense will hold water just as soon as I can get before a judge and plead “it’s no big deal because everybody does it.”

Author: Doug Powers

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