Is The Goracle the Saviour of the DNC?

As Al Gore appears on “60 Minutes” and says — with the typical liberal melodramatic tolerance level for other views — that global warming skeptics are not unlike flat-earthers, there are also rumblings about Gore jumping in to save the Democrats from a nasty brawl at the convention and claiming the nomination for himself.

Here’s Joe Klein’s piece in Time Magazine: Is Gore the answer? Well, Joe, it depends on what the question is.

I really do hope the Goracle jumps in to save the day. After all the hype about a woman or a black man running president, the wild unpredictability must have the Dem leadership nearly incontinent in their longing for the solace and comfort that only a pasty white bloated hypocrite can provide.

In closing, if Al Gore believes the world is round, I’m starting to seriously doubt the Copernican philosophy to which I’ve subscribed for so long.

Author: Doug Powers

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