Hillary Dodges Sniper Fire from Bill Maher

Bill Maher can push the needle on the lib-meter to the “Olbermann” level, but at least he doesn’t believe in a 9/11 conspiracy, and he certainly has Hillary’s number.

Below is part of Maher’s monolog on Hillary Clinton, taken from a recent “Real Time.”

If you don’t have time to watch the three minute clip, there are three highlights:

“Why would you lie about getting shot at? What is she, Fifty-Cent?”

“Hillary: Get elected or lie trying.”

“Hillary said that if Obama’s pastor had been her pastor, she’d have walked out of that church. But she did say that if her pastor had been blown by Monica Lewinsky, she’d have stayed.”

This is the non-bleeped version, so don’t crank this up around sensitive types:

Author: Doug Powers

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