Avoid the Dallas Red-Light District

Our laws of the road have everything to do with our safety and nothing to do with a revenue stream!

Here’s proof: Dallas City Hall has shut off more than a quarter of their intersection cameras because they were keeping people from running red lights, depriving the city of millions of dollars in ticket revenue.

How many fatalities occur every year in Dallas as the result of somebody running red lights? Whatever that number is, it’s not high enough because the city’s running low on ticket money.

In an attempt to shed some related humor amid this government idiocy, here’s a joke I remember from George Carlin:

Two guys are driving in a car. The car comes to a red light. The driver sails right through… woosh! The passenger says to the driver, “What are you doing!?” The driver replies, “Don’t worry about it man, my brother drives like this!”

They come to another red light. Again, the driver sails right through…woosh! Again the passenger asks, “What are you doing!?” The driver replies, “I told you, don’t worry about it, my brother drives like this!”

They come to a green light and stop. The passenger says, “What are you doing!?” The driver replies, “My brother might be coming the other way…”

Monday’s Column: Obama Paints Self Wright Into a Corner

Today’s “St Patrick’s Day” edition of my column at WorldNetDaily is on Barack Obama’s racist preacher dilemma that could help give Democrats at the convention the nervous trots, thereby handing Hillary the nomination.

Read “Obama better off Muslim” for the entire sordid tale.

I know — the subject matter isn’t very St. Patricky — but if it helps, I was wearing a green shirt and drinking beer when I wrote it.

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Barack Obama: Better Off Muslim

A while back, Barack Obama was fending off accusations that he had tight connections with the Muslim faith in the least, and, and most, that he is a Muslim.

If the answer to either one of those accusations was in the affirmative, Obama would still be better off than he is now.

Enter the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose anti-American rants at the church Barack Obama said he attended regularly are distinguishable from some diatribes from that come from radical Islam only in that some Wright’s blithering yawps are nuttier.

Among Wright’s accusations are the antiquated “America created the HIV virus to kill off black people” and that 9/11 was “America’s chickens coming home to roost.” My personal favorite Wright quote is “fighting for peace is like raping for virginity.”

One thing’s for sure — if Rev. Wright ever retires, a new career awaits Ward Churchill.

Here’s the latest from the unhinged Reverend Wright — the clip ends just before Nurse Ratchet runs in with a big meds cup and a straight jacket, but you’ll get the point.

Obama has painted himself into this corner: He fended off accusations of being Muslim by proving that he was a member of a Christian church. Then the things that are preached at that church are made public, and now Obama has to prove that, though he was a member of that church, he never attended any of the sermons. This is a difficult thing to do, as the Rev. Wright married Barack and his wife and baptized their children.

Frankly, I’d be more comfortable with Obama if he was a follower of the Muslim faith than if he’s a “Christian” who agrees with Reverend Wright, a head case who hasn’t been informed that Jim Crow is dead. Crow, by the way, was killed, in part at least, by the “rich white people who control America.” Not to mention those who created the HIV virus.

Some say, “just because you go to that church doesn’t mean you agree with everything that’s preached.” True, somewhat. But let’s face it, to listen to the Rev. Wright’s high-decibal rants week in and week out, you have to like it. It’s a simple concept: people don’t go to a concert if they don’t like the band.

Yesterday afternoon I was listening to Jack Kemp being interviewed on the Sean Hannity radio show. Kemp said people should lay off Obama because “guilty by association” is no way to judge somebody. Hey, if you were on the ticket with Bob Dole in 1996, you wouldn’t want people to believe in “guilt by association” either.

I wish some of Obama’s defenders were as agitated at critics of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism.

As more and more Rev. Wright highlights become available, you just know Barack Obama is sitting back and trying to figure out if he’d be better off Muslim. My one-word answer is, “yes.”


“Nope, never knew him. Oh, that? Heh heh… funny story. Michelle and I were lost and stopped to ask directions at this church, and the guy insisted on a photo. Then we left way before his sermon began, so I don’t know what it was about at all…”

The Political Party of Choice for Racists and Sexists

Republicans? Nah.

Here’s some data from the latest Rasmussen poll:

Black: Obama 81% Clinton 7%
White: Clinton 50% Obama 39%

Women: Clinton 51% Obama 40%
Men: Obama 60% Clinton 28%

Too bad one of these people isn’t openly homosexual (I know, but rumors don’t count) or we could find out how truly supportive the open-minded and all-inclusive heterosexual Democrats would be of a gay candidate. My guess is — not very.

Incidentally, look for Hillary to try to gain any extra edge she can cull from this data by breaking out the grease paint and stuffing a rolled-up sock down the front of her pantsuit.

This Should Win an Emmy: ‘The Daily Show’ Does Berkeley

Below is a video that is quite possibly the funniest expose of the Code Pink & Company wackos in recent memory.

My favorite exchange:

Code Pink dingbat protester who wants the Marine recruiting office out of Berkeley: “It’s very important to protect free speech. And so we clearly have the right to be here.”

Reporter: “If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend that free speech.”

Code Pink dingbat protester who wants the Marine recruiting office out of Berkeley: “Wouldn’t that be great!”

If this isn’t a great way to kick off a weekend, nothing is:

(h/t Boortz)

Thank God Ted’s Looking Out For Us (Says Al Qaeda)

nullBush and Democrats in Congress are butting heads over the House’s version of a surveillance bill.

Bush wants to have the ability to eavesdrop on foreign phone calls and e-mails that pass through the United States in order to root out terrorists.

Democrats like Ted Kennedy disagree, believing that the government should only employ eavesdropping, snooping and general nosiness when attempting to uncover which domestic citizens are selling foods containing trans-fats, smoking in a car where kids are present, displaying Christian symbols on or near government property, not wearing a seat belt, fudging their taxes, trying to talk somebody out of an abortion, using lawn chemicals, buying a gun, hunting, fishing, building additions on their homes, shopping at Wal-Mart and buying Skittles on school property.

The Alan Dershowitz Moral Equivalency Test

As Silda Spitzer fends off “so you’re almost single now?” phone calls from Bill Clinton, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is doing some pro-bono work for Silda’s husband, soon-to-be ex NY Governor Eliot Spitzer.

In today’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, Dershowitz does so much sleight-of-hand that you almost forget what brought about the discussion in the first place — good lawyer work, in other words.

Here’s Dersh’s column. I particularly like the part about Spitzer being “entrapped.” The poor governor was just minding his own business one day when, out of the blue, the government gave him five grand, a fierce case of the hornies, and made him go nail an overpriced hooker. Five grand? And yet people are bitching about the price of gas?

In any case, Dershowitz is correct in many of his off-topic rants — specifically in making bank tellers agents for the Federal government and the existing potential for over-reaching prosecutors, but what’s that got to do with Eliot Spitzer shelling out several grand for whores and placing himself in a position where he as a public official could have been blackmailed? Maybe I’m missing the connection.

The feds were investigating Spitzer on suspicion of taking bribes, and he got busted as a john instead. That happens all the time — cops pull people over for speeding and instead find pot in the car. Because the intent was to address the former doesn’t preclude action against the latter. Welcome to the real world, Mr. Dershowitz.

It’s no wonder our government is in such a shambles when our only demands from our politicians is that they be at least as good as the lowest common denominator in the country.

Dershowitz’s “this is no big deal because everybody does it” defense will hold water just as soon as I can get before a judge and plead “it’s no big deal because everybody does it.”