Monday’s Column: Lawyers, the ‘John Adams Project’ Wants You!

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about the ACLU’s “John Adams Project.”

The John Adams Project seeks to find attorneys who wish to defend “alleged” terrorists being held at the U.S. installation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and ultimately to remove these cases from military courts and into the same court system to which citizens have access. Bad idea? Uh huh.

Since time was in short supply last week, I decided to offer up my column space to the highest bidding advertiser, and it just so happens that the John Adams Project purchased the space.

Give a read to “Gitmo lawyers wanted” for the entire ad.

Email aplenty:

Here’s a letter from Errol from parts unknown:

Maybe I’m just a bleeding heart Christian, but I have a real problem with our government’s handling of those it has deemed to be terrorists/enemy combatants.

The problem in most people’s thinking is an assumption that our government is infallible. Certainly all of the people they hold must be guilty and deserve nothing remotely resembling a fair opportunity to determine whether the government is right or not.

I don’t know about you, but on the whole, I have found government at every level to be self serving and incompetent.

I believe that there are many conservatives who believe our government is out of control, out of touch with its people, totally lacking in reasonable thought or action -unless it is something like this and then all of a sudden, the government is infallible and only looking out for and protecting the people.

I totally understand these concerns… we need look no further than the Duke rape case to see how government “justice” can run away with itself, but at the same time, shoving “enemy combatants” into the U.S. court system, where they’ll be released if the military didn’t read them their Miranda rights, certainly can’t be a viable answer.

The larger points of the column were these:

1) There are a bunch of lefty lawyers who would give their lives to free a bunch of terrorists (perhaps, ultimately, literally) and get them into the U.S. court system.


2) There’s more money in it for lawyers if they can get these cases to U.S. courts and seek punitive damages.

Follow the money. These people don’t go to law school so they can go to Calcutta and ladel out soup to the downtrodden.

Paul, on the other hand, relays the following advice:

To paraphrase the Bard: First, we kill all the lawyers; then we kill all the politicians — or is that redundant?

Author: Doug Powers

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