Who’s Missing from the McCain Veep Poll?

GOP Nation has a running poll asking who should be McCain’s running mate.

Here are the eight finalists:

Mitt Romney (2517) 26%
Mike Huckabee (1509) 16%
Condi Rice (1438) 15%
JC Watts (1104) 11%
Colin Powell (539) 6%
Joe Lieberman (493) 5%
Kay Bailey Hutchison (354) 4%
Jeb Bush (312) 3%

I think there’s a better chance that Bill Clinton will embrace a life of monogamy that of the GOP putting another Bush on the ticket in the near future.

Personally, I’d like to see Theodore Terbolizard get the veep nod. Cool platform, cooler name:

(h/t American Digest and LGF)