Second-hand Olympic Torch Smoke Threatens Millions of Californians

The Olympic torch has arrived in San Francisco, California ::cough cough, wheeze::

In Europe, some protesters tried to snuff out the flame to protest China’s totalitarian policies. If somebody tries to snuff out the flame in California, it’ll be some busybody pencil-neck nosy ne’er-do-well City Council member enforcing the city’s outdoor smoking ban and replacing it with a CFL.

Flamers are usually welcome with open arms in S.F., but not this one.

In all seriousness, my colleague at WND, Vox Day, echoes on his blog what my sentiments have become in recent years as far as the Olympics are concerned:

I hate everything about the Olympics. Its smarmy one-worldism, its long tradition of glorifying dictatorships, its pseudo-religious aura, its fake amateurism, and the ever-present corruption which begins with the host city bids and ends with the athletes. I hope the Beijing Olympics are the debacle that spells the beginning of the end for this long-running, obnoxious charade.

It’s turning out that way so far.

Author: Doug Powers

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