Stark Reminders of 9/11 and Those Who Perpetuate Terrorism

Later this year, it’ll be seven years since the attacks of 9/11, and there are still constant reminders of that day.

From CNN:

The city has identified the remains of four more victims of the September 11 attacks, including one man whose DNA was found beneath a service road that was initially paved over, officials said Monday.
More than 1,800 of the 21,000 body parts recovered from ground zero have been found in the past two years in and around the trade center site. The remains of more than 40 percent of the 2,749 people killed at the site have yet to be identified.

You don’t hear the presidential candidates — certainly not the Democrats — talking about stuff like this, because it would remind everyone of the most important issue in this election (after all, health care, gas prices and the minimum wage don’t matter if you’re killed in a terrorist attack). And that would go on to remind everyone that the Democrats have done little to combat terrorism — except to help it perpetuate.

Which brings us to Jimmy Carter, our illustrious sad-sack former president who has never met a terrorist he couldn’t capitulate to:

Former President Jimmy Carter is reportedly preparing an unprecedented meeting with the leader of Hamas, an organization that the U.S. government considers one of the leading terrorist threats in the world.

Jimmy “I’ll love ya if you promise to kill me last” Carter exemplifies the problem with the Democrat (and many Republicans) mindset on terrorism.

Sure, Hamas didn’t hijack those planes on 9/11, but a cup of water from different ends of a lake still contains the same pollution. Jimmy Carter, the Edsel of U.S. presidents, is on the far shore readying to do more skinny-dipping in those waters as the remains of Americans killed by terrorists are still being identified on the near shore.

Some have described Carter as “a better former president than president,” but that’s not the case — which is tough to do.

Author: Doug Powers

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