From the “That’s muh story and I’m stickin’ to it” department comes Bill Clinton, who is still trying to get his wife, Sgt. Rock Rodham, awarded a Purple Heart no matter how far he has to stretch the story:

Former President Bill Clinton gave a passionate defense Thursday of his wife’s claim about “landing under sniper fire” — just as the damaging controversy was dying down.

Bill Clinton said the news media treated her like she’d “robbed a bank” and claimed she was experiencing end-of-day fatigue, even though she had made the claim in morning speeches.

Yeah, the media needs to knock it off — the Clintons haven’t robbed anybody in years!

This is getting embarrassing, even by Clinton standards.

Thanks to Diehard Hillary’s Bosnia story, both Clintons can now share the same legacy: “Fire in the hole!” — for very different reasons of course — Hillary for fighting the truth in her Custer-esque campaign, and Bill for his heroic and selfless efforts at The Battle of Little Big Horny.


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