A Rare Feelgood Moment on Tax Day

Today is tax day. It’s a miserable day for many Americans, and it’s a symbol of a dramatic slowdown in real progress.

We were created with the ability to create. All this is evidenced in the brilliance of many of our finest moments, from medicine to art to science — but that all came to an end with the adoption of the 16th Amendment in 1913. The amendment, according to the government, gave Congress legal authority to tax income and resulted in a revenue law that taxed incomes of both individuals and corporations.

At that point, all the creative energy that would have gone into curing disease, designing grand buildings, creating art and music and exploring the farthest reaches of the universe now goes into trying to figure out a way to write off our lawnmower as a dependent.

Nobody promotes these high taxes more than Ted Kennedy. He’s been reponsible for, in part, calling for the jacking up of estate taxes — while dodging them himself. Hypocrisy of a consistent character trait of one of the senate’s most notorious silver-spooners.

If you owe taxes today, take a brief comic respite and watch Kennedy squirm and quickly waddle away as Jason Mattera of the Young America’s Foundation asks Kennedy why he dodges the same taxes he thrusts upon the rest of us.

The porno-esque background music is oddly appropriate, considering what Kennedy’s been doing to us for decades:

h/t HotAir

Author: Doug Powers

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