Email of the Week

Regarding this week’s WorldNetDaily column, some contextually challenged, sexually frustrated, intellectual special olympian mistakes laughter for offense and then goes on to play Point/Counterpoint with himself just before a speculative rant on the Internet advertising industry and its effects on my libido:

nullDougy, would you have been nearly so offended, if Ann Coulter called Randi Rhodes a Fucking Whore? Now answer honestly,…Of course not! As you lay in bed at night, whacking off to the thought of Ann Coulters’s Adam’s apple, did it ever occur to you that while you profess to hold the President’s office in high esteem, (unlike us liberals), you would never chastise anyone for mocking Bill Clinton. So how should we take you seriously since your values are not consistent unless it happens to involve a politician that you want to criticize?

FYI, before you go off labeling me as a bleeding heart anti-war liberal, please make a note…. I did vote for George Senior….twice and for Reagan. Gee, that kind of clouds everything doesn’t it? See, I don’t vote for members of either party when they turn out to be criminals. And while Bill Clinton left a cum stain on Monica’s dress, GWB, left blood stains on our Constitution. One is called cheating on your wife, the other is simply… Treason.

Your column becomes less significant with each passing day. Deal with it. By the way, why does each columnist representing the every shrinking mindless neo-cons all run the same stupid ad with that bald guy doing strange exercises? Do you switch to him when you get tired of looking at Ann?

Tom in Schaumburg, IL

You’re cute when you’re angry, Tommy. Can you send me a pic of your Adam’s apple?

Author: Doug Powers

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