Pennsylvania Resurrects Hillary

nullUntil, from the midst of this darkness, a sudden light broke in upon me, a light so brilliant and wonderous, and yet so simple.

Change the poles from plus to minus and from minus to plus. I alone succeeded in discovering the secret of bestowing life. Nay, even more, I myself became capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter.

The above dialog is from Young Frankenstein, but it could have been written for Hillary’s voters in Pennsylvania, who have reanimated nearly dead political tissue.

I’d have expected a state with communist liquor laws to go for Hillary, but yesterday’s primary was a big win for her. Obama’s fading, but maybe not fast enough for Hillary — she’s still down by well over 100 delegates.

The fight will go all the way to the convention now, a show that will make WWE Raw look like a Cub Scout meeting.

However, if many more of Obama’s friends like these keep surfacing, he might be in trouble. And when you have friends who are worse than the Clintons’ friends, that’s saying something.

Author: Doug Powers

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