Worst Campaign Idea Ever? Really?

Last weekend, U.S. Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle, a Republican, gave a speech at an event sponsored by the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party who were celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday. It was a cute event — a stripper dressed as Josef Goebbels popped out of a cake and tried to kill a busboy suspected of supporting Zionism.

In the report about Zirkle’s speech, it was asked if this was the “worst campaign idea ever.”

Here’s Zirkle speaking to the gathered wrong. I’m no expert political advisor, but this might be the kind of thing your opponent could use against you:


But… is this the worst campaign idea ever?

I’d have to say no, because I don’t think anything will ever dethrone this:


The only way this photo could have been worse would have been if Dukakis was on the tank with a bunch of Nazis celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Author: Doug Powers

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