Hang on to your wallets. Hillary’s contingency planning just in case she loses the nomination and needs to run for a third Senate term in New York, where apparently her re-election plan is to give each New York voter $30:

From TheHill.com:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has requested nearly $2.3 billion in federal earmarks for 2009, almost three times the largest amount received by a single senator this year.

The sad part is, should she not win the nomination, she’ll think this is the least of what she’s owed by the peasants. Just wait ’til she drags her angry pantsuit back to DC and goes full-blown Nurse Ratchet on the nation. Hillary will want to punish the moronic minions with crippling taxes (moreso than she already does), and she’ll probably succeed — especially if McCain’s in the White House constantly trying to “smooth things over with his good friends on the other side of the aisle.”

Update: It’s a question that would explain it all: Is Reverend Wright really working for Friends of Hillary?


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