People Magazine’s Hard Hitting Hillary Interview

You know, I rarely agree with Bill Maher, but he nailed it when he said, “Something’s backwards when we vote for president based on trivial appearances and for Miss America based on the issues.”

People Magazine did their part to contribute to that semi-truth with a nice and fluffy interview with Hillary Clinton.

The hard-hitting and relavent questions will come in their next interview, when they ask her who the sexiest man in 2008 should be (fingers crossed for Gorby!).

Hillary’s fantasy date, alive or dead? Abraham Lincoln. If Abe was married to Hillary he might have enjoyed the ending of “Our American Cousin” a lot more than he did.

Here’s a great question too: “If your husband gave you a pass for one night and you could go on a date with any celeb, alive or dead, who would it be?” Hillary wimped out and answered “Abraham Lincoln” again. I heard that Melissa Etheridge is angry.

Beer or wine? Hillary said “both.” You can tell she’s in Indiana, can’t you? I’m surprised she didn’t answer, “depends on if I’m bowling or mowing the lawn.”

Hillary even took the opportunity to woo the votes of women in polygamist marriages:

“Many of these women were raised in the sect, isolated from the outside world from birth,” Clinton told People. “It takes an enormous amount of independent thinking to lift yourself out of the circumstance you’ve been born and raised in to say, ‘Wait a minute, this isn’t right.'”

Yeah, you have to be a strong, independent wife, or else you’ll end up with a husband who has sex with lots of other wom… nevermind.

Author: Doug Powers

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