How Dare Jenna Bush Have Bridesmaids!

This morning I was reading an Associated Press story about Jenna Bush’s upcoming wedding, and it was refreshing to read a mainstream media story on the Bush family that wasn’t negative and spiteful in tone… until about a third of the way into it.

As I suspected might happen, the Bush-bash urge got too overwhelming for this particular writer, because after a couple paragraphs of benign wedding details and apolitical facts, we’re reminded why we should hate this wedding:

Doug Wead, a former aide to President George H.W. Bush and author of a book on presidents’ kin, calls Jenna’s ceremony “the anti-Alice Roosevelt wedding.” Former President Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter was married in 1906.

“That wedding took place during a time of prosperity and peace; this one at a time of economic struggle and war,” Wead said. “The Roosevelt family was outgoing, flamboyant; this is a private family. That was one of the most popular presidencies in American history. Even John Adams didn’t go on Mount Rushmore, but Teddy Roosevelt went on Mount Rushmore. This is an unpopular presidency. Alice had no bridesmaids. Jenna has 14.”

Jenna, the 22nd child of a president to marry while their fathers were in office, has come a ways from her dad’s first year in office when she had a run-in with the Texas law for underage drinking. It was her second offense.

I’m going to need a couple of drinks too if I read any more forced comparisons.

Near as I can tell, it’s Jenna Bush’s fault that Alice Roosevelt didn’t have any friends, and being a member of a private family while the country is at war and being led by a father with low approval ratings makes women try and compensate by really overdoing it on the bridesmaids.

The A.P. should write the program for Jenna’s wedding. This would be the first wedding album to feature Abu Ghraib photos.

Author: Doug Powers

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