Global Warming Makes Weather Channel Anchor Crazy from the Heat

Whenever I can’t sleep and need a good sedative, I turn on the Weather Channel. The meteorologists there always seem to get along well — but maybe Bob Stokes wanted to get along a little too well with Hillary Andrews, and it’s prompted a lawsuit:

As The Weather Channel’s owner negotiates a multibillion-dollar sale of the cable outlet, the network’s lawyers are angling to keep secret the details of a blistering arbitration ruling in favor of a former anchorwoman who charges that she was subjected to unrelenting sexual harassment by her male co-anchor, who was “romantically obsessed” with her and frequently made crude remarks like, “Will you lick my swizzle stick?”

The moral of the story? Never have a drink that was mixed by Bob Stokes.


“It must be global warming, because your ass is on fire, baby!”

Author: Doug Powers

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