Maybe I’m Not Amazed: McCartney Ecopocrisy

Good lord, don’t you wish this was your biggest problem today?

Sir Paul McCartney was furious when his new eco-friendly car was delivered by jet. The $164,000 hybrid Lexus limousine — a gift to the former Beatle from the manufacturers to thank Paul for promoting green cars — was flown from Japan to Britain, creating a carbon footprint almost 100 times bigger than if it was shipped.

I hope these manufacturers have learned their lesson, and when they send Sir Paul his new hybrid jet, they ship it via UPS Ground.

Not to overthink this, but couldn’t McCartney just have gracefully declined the offer and then hopped on his bicycle to head off to one of his mansions around the world?

How “green” in McCartney? Here’s an editorial excerpt from the DVD of his “Back in the U.S.” tour in 2002:

In addition to copious concert footage, the DVD also features a rare look at McCartney behind the scenes — a Hard Day’s Night-esque view into his dressing room, his limo, and shuttling from one show to the next in his private jet.

Sounds to me like McCartney’s just a tad hypocritical. As his hybrid car is sitting gathering dust in a garage in London, Sir Paul is hitching a ride on the Al Gore Express.

Author: Doug Powers

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