Robert Byrd Endorses White Half of Barack Obama

Ex Klansman and West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd has endorsed Barack Obama. So I’ll throw this open for discussion: Is the 91-year-old Byrd totally reformed now, or legally blind?

What are the odds of this happening? One of Obama’s “former” pastor’s more famous lines was about the evils of the “U.S. of KKK-A,” and now the only ex-Klansman in the Senate has endorsed one of Reverend Wright’s flock. I guess Obama wasn’t kidding when he said he never listened to the sermons.

I always knew Robert Byrd had a soft spot for Barack Obama. In fact, shortly after Obama was elected to the Senate, Byrd so respected the Junior Senator from Illinois that he proposed that Obama have his own drinking fountain — an unheard of honor for a freshman Senator.

Here’s what’s relatively nauseating though. Read the passages from Obama’s book that concern Byrd — words that drip with contemptuousness-turned-reverence for a man who mere decades earlier would have shat in his hood at the idea of a black man running for president — and tell me the same forgiveness for similar past mistakes would be granted to any Republican.

It’s not that I have anything against sincere forgiveness — unless it’s incredibly selective.


Conciliation always brings a tear to my eye

Author: Doug Powers

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