Chief Wana Dubie Update

It had been a while since I checked in with our old pal Chief Wana Dubie, so I thought that heading into Memorial Day, a time of year when we honor those who fought and died to keep us free to smoke lawn clippings so we’re able to find Cheech & Chong funny just the way the Founders intended, was as good a time as any.

Wana Dubie, the former Missouri State Rep. candidate, was planning to run for that state’s Governor as a Libertarian.

Well, it turns out that the Chief was too strange for the Libertarians — no small feat — so he’s been booted from that ticket and is now trying to run as an independent.

The Dubester has a petition on his website. He needs 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot as an independent. It looks like the petition’s been up since just after Easter (as evidenced by the referrals to the Libertarians crucifying Dubie by nailing him to the side of Willie Nelson’s tour bus), but there’s no indication of how many signatures he’s received.

Read the “Chief’s Views” page and you’ll find out that, though he’s seen as a political outcast, Dubie is in fact far more sane and logical than most Democrats and a hell of a lot of Republicans — just not as web savvy.

I hope he gets his 10,000 signatures and is able to rock the joint. Vote for Dubie, and Missouri will be fixed… not to mention dilated.


“Some pot in every chicken and a VW van in every driveway!”

Author: Doug Powers

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