Kennedy’s Herpes Caused His Brain Tumor?

Everybody knows I’m no fan of Ted Kennedy’s politics, but this story could be considered “reaching.”

A link between herpes and cancer is established — next to a big ol’ smiling picture of Teddy:

Research Links Herpes Virus and Brain Tumors

If Ted Kennedy’s cancerous lesion is a glioblastoma multiforme, the most common kind of brain tumor, it may have been caused by a virus from the herpes family.

Last year, Duane Mitchell and his colleagues at Duke University learned that cytomegalovirus is present at elevated levels in more than 90 percent of glioblstoma multiforme tumors. Armed with that knowledge, they are testing a vaccine that fights the common virus as a brain-cancer remedy.

No specifics about Kennedy, however. Just to be safe though, don’t have sex with any Kennedy until the research is completed.

As for herpes and cancer, it’s also reported here that brain tumors aren’t the only cancer that can be caused by a virus. Cervical cancer can be as well.

So it’s settled then… women who have cervical cancer did at some point get herpes from Ted Kennedy. There’s no arguing with the science.

Author: Doug Powers

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