‘Thank You Sirhan, May I Have Another?’: Hillary Steps in it Again

The big news going into the weekend is Hillary justifying staying in the race by reminding everybody that her husband didn’t clinch the nomination in 1992 until the California primary in June — oh, and that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June of 1968.

Ya just never know what might happen!

Democrats are freaking out about the comment, but in the larger picture, if it’s over and Obama is the nominee, why are so many Democrats disturbed beyond belief about Hillary’s insistence on continuing her candidacy if she’s a delusional joke with no chance of winning the nomination?

Because they know the same thing Hillary does… the longer this goes on, the more Democrats will realize that Obama is simply not qualified for the job and will have very little chance of winning the general election. He’s a gaffe machine, and it’s not because he’s not a good communicator — it’s because he’s not intellectually equipped for the gig, period.

Anyway, here’s Hillary reminding everybody of how quickly things can change. I hope she’s got on the waterproof pantsuit, because she really stepped in it this time:

Update: One of Obama’s supporters parrots the usual response:

Author: Doug Powers

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