Monday’s Column: Where’s a Good Assassin When You Need One?

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is an expanded version of something that’s been discussed here on the blog a bit: Hillary using the RFK assassination as evidence of how things can change in the last minute in any nomination process.

What might the fallout be of Hillary’s comment, and what might be the fallout for the rest of us with a ticked-off Hillary returning to the Senate cackling for vengeance? Read “Thank you Sirhan, may I have another” for the whole story.

Memorial Day thoughts

On a separate note, a special Memorial Day thanks to all those members of the Armed Forces past and present who have fought and died to keep us free to do relatively trivial things, such as mock Hillary’s lost sanity.

Four years ago I wrote a little tribute to the military, and what I wrote still stands true. That column is here.

Author: Doug Powers

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