Scott McClellan and the Lucrative Nuremberg Defense

Let’s get this out of the way quickly: The only people I hate more than those who sell out their beliefs to get a good job and ultimately pad a bank account are people who believed in what they were doing but later rolled over on their former boss because it was popular to do so in order to pad a bank account.

Which is former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan? Who knows, and who cares. Either way, he’s slime.

McClellan slings mud at the Bush administration in his new book without getting any on himself, not so surprisingly. That should be hard to do, since McClellan was at the center of the storm in the Bush administration for quite a while — hell, he was his spokesman! McClellan should be the muddiest guy in the room, but, of course, mudslingers usually are the first to don a raincoat.

There are more allegations in the book, but I won’t buy it because I’m against financing swine.

Some on the left are now saying that if some of the “revelations” in McClellan’s book are true, Bush should be impeached — as if they won’t want to impeach Bush even if the allegations are not true. But what about McClellan? Has everybody suddenly forgotten the definition of “complicit”?

Hey Scott, better be careful. There are a ton of historic examples of former employees of war criminals being hanged right along with their former bosses — even if they wrote a book.

My hatred of turncoats really has nothing to do with Bush, or even Republicans. I hate turncoats in general. I hated Dick Morris for sucking up to the Clintons for years and years and then turning on them. Morris helped do the Clintons dirty work while his mouth was full of hooker’s toes and he was on the phone mumbling something to the president about Bosnia, giving Morris a fetish-induced speech impediment to this day — then soon after he became one of the Clintons biggest critics and wrote books on how they damaged the country. Oh how quickly in politics “we” becomes “they.”

At some point, the Nuremberg Defense went from being an unacceptable excuse for one’s past behavior, to something that turncoats use to sell books and make a fortune. Times have changed. Besides, does the “I was just following orders” excuse work in a job you’re free to leave at any time?

There is still such a thing as loyalty though. For example, Tony Snow, another former Bush Press Secretary, has taken the high road — and he has cancer treatments to pay for. The only medical related issue McClellan has that I’m aware of is four installments left until his integrity bypass operation is completely paid off.

Snow’s also a prolific writer. Tony could roll over on Bush in an articulate and entertaining way and make a pile of money placating Bush haters, but he won’t — he leaves that to the reptilian sellouts.

By the way, guess who has connections with the company that published McClellan’s book? By George, this is hardly a surprise.

Author: Doug Powers

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