This Liberal Isn’t Fonda McCain

Hot on the heels of Wesley Clark saying about John McCain, “I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president” (it isn’t a disqualification either), we have Democrat strategist and attorney (today’s redundancy is sponsored by Valvoline) John Aravosis writing the following about McCain:

Yes, we all know that John McCain was captured and tortured in Vietnam (McCain won’t let you forget). A lot of people don’t know, however, that McCain made a propaganda video for the enemy while he was in captivity. Putting that bit of disloyalty aside, what exactly is McCain’s military experience that prepares him for being commander in chief?

McCain made a “propaganda video” for the enemy because if he didn’t he’d have been tortured until he was dead, which he almost was anyway. He also had his teeth broken off, which is about the same feeling I get when reading anything John Aravosis writes. I think this bonehead has McCain confused with Jane Fonda.

This brings us to the big difference between Republicans and Democrats, at least the ones in Congress. The difference between John McCain and, say, Harry Reid or John Murtha, is that John McCain had to be tortured to get him to spout enemy propaganda. Reid and Murtha do it for a living.

The French Military Really Bleu It This Time

The French military has finally attacked something. Unfortunately, the country they attacked was France:

PARIS, France (AP) — A military shooting demonstration in southeast France on Sunday left 16 people wounded, including children, when real bullets were used instead of blank ones, officials said.

The military shooters immediately surrendered to themselves, of course.

I’m no safety expert, but even if the bullets were supposed to be blanks, why were the soldiers firing at the crowd? That’s a little too realistic a demonstration. Perhaps they mistook a few people in the crowd for the notorious anti-Jerry Lewis radicals that are a threat to the very freedoms France enjoys.

This bungled incident has earned the French military the “Robocop ED 209 ‘Weapons Malfunction of the Year'” award.

And now for the obligatory “picking on France” cartoon that must accompany any blog post concerning the French military:


Monday’s Column: A Supreme-ly Important Election

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about this year’s election, specifically as it pertains to the makeup of the Supreme Court.

The country is just one liberal judge away from a moron majority of activist leftists who will tear the Constitution to bits — or worse. Give a read to “Constitutional toilet paper” for the scary details of what could be a “lose-lose” scenario this year.

You can give it a “Digg” here.

New Market Trend: Short-Selling Fat People

If you’re into investment markets, here’s the next great thing:

Merck & Co, Nike and General Mills are among 15 health-care and consumer products companies best positioned to profit from an effort to combat the growing obesity epidemic, Credit Suisse analysts said in a report on Thursday.

Globally, 1.8 billion people were obese or overweight in 2007, and the number of obese and overweight people now exceeds the amount of those who are underfed, the report said.

So oil speculation is bad because it allegedly has a hand in keeping the price up, but obesity speculation is good because it will help keep our weight down?

Anyway, the number of obese and overweight people will increase even further as the obese and overweight feast on the underfed. As an investment, it’s exponential gain at its finest. There’s a fortune to be made in short-selling fat people.

And when those anti-fat investments begin to see diminishing returns, buy ten thousand shares of Twinkie stock and start the whole trend all over again. You’ll notice that many of the “feed the world” people from the mid-1980’s are some of the same people who are now fighting like hell to keep everybody from eating so damn much.

This is the same method good politicians use to manage to stay in office for decades.


“Buy! Buy!”

Traumatic Reminder of a Tragedy

Just over eight years ago, a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas skidded off the runway at Burbank, through a metal blast wall, across a four-lane street and came to rest near a gas station.

This photo, along with the caption, serves as a stark reminder of what it was like that day:


(h/t some dude at Free Republic via God only knows who else)

Update: Speaking of tragedies and higher prices, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have joined forces to form one giant socialist. Discussion is still underway as to what name to give this newly conjoined uber-liberal mutation. It’s between “Hillrack Obinton” or “Ballary Clintama.”

Obama’s Word Association Test

A host on the Fox Business Channel had on as a guest Barack Obama. During the interview, Obama was given a word association test.

The only word the interviewer didn’t throw into the mix was “Jesus.” I’m just curious if the way the media has treated Obama would have caused him to instinctively answer, “What?”

Forgive me, but during Obama’s “test,” I just couldn’t get this classic SNL bit out of my head.

Ted on Guns

Ted Nugent has a fine column at Human Events on the importance of the Supreme Court’s striking down of the DC gun ban: DC Gun Ban Blown Away

In honor of the occasion, here’s the title cut from Nugent’s 1986 album, “Little Miss Dangerous,” which I’d like to dedicate — for very different reasons than Ted wrote the song — to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the other three dissenting, liberal, consensus-seeking, PC girls on the Supreme Court who still **represent a threat to our constitutional rights (**excluding the constitutional rights of those convicted of raping children):

Of Course Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake!

In an attempt to dispel any rumors that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, his campaign released his birth certificate to the Daily Kos and put it on their own anti-smear site.

Israel Insider has some interesting info on why that document is most likely a fake. This includes comparisons to other Hawaiian birth certificates of the day and verbiage used (what Obama released is actually a “certification of live birth” — the big difference is explained here).

I knew it the whole time. Of course it’s a fake! We all know that Obama was born in Bethlehem… in a manger… over 2,000 years ago.

Seriously though, Obama’s “birth certificate” looks a little suspect to me, too:


SCOTUS Gun Ruling Prediction

The Supreme Court is expected to rule today on whether or not Washington DC’s ban on handguns violates the Second Amendment. SCOTUS is on a liberal roll, so don’t expect anything but the usual “the U.S. Constitution as interpreted by the French” type decision.

I’ll write a brief update on this when the decision is announced, but here’s my prediction: Surprisingly, the gun ban will be overturned, but DC residents will only be allowed to own a handgun if they sign a statement showing that they understand they’re subject to the death penalty if they ever use their gun to shoot somebody who’s raping a child (see post below).

Update: Breaking right now via Drudge — Narrow victory for the Second Amendment. Anthony Kennedy was even in the majority. Perhaps Kennedy figured that if they banned guns in DC, what would the guards at the steps of the Supreme Court building use to protect the robed royalty from us poor peasants with pitchforks?