Quote of the Day: How Will ‘Green Burial’ Catch On?

There’s a cemetery only miles from where I live that is “going green.” No metal caskets and no embalming — just wooden boxes and decomposition back into nature using all biodegradable materials.

This makes sense to me, at least until Al Gore comes up with a “decomposition credits” scheme, but I ran across a line in a story in the Lansing State Journal about the eco-green cemetery that had me pausing for a chuckle.

Once word begins to spread about the place where the deceased, along with their caskets, decompose naturally in the ground, will it end up being a successful business? Reverend Brown, who runs the cemetery, offers his opinion:

Once people get wind of this, I think it will be self-sustaining,” Brown said.

I don’t doubt it at all.

Author: Doug Powers

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