‘Hope’ and ‘Change’: He’s Not Kidding

Every time Barack Obama speaks, we see the signs, we hear the words: Hope and change!

I don’t doubt it. As a matter of fact, Jimmy Carter campaigned on the promise of “change.” He wasn’t kidding, either, though diving head-first into a tub of malaise wasn’t the change we were really looking for.

As for Obama’s “hope” and “change,” whenever I consider the possibility he could end up as President of the United States, I find myself agreeing with his mantra:

“Gee, I sure hope he knows what he’s doing. If he does, that would change my opinion of him. I hope he’s not as liberal as president as he is as a senator, because all we’ll have left in our pockets is change. I hope he doesn’t appease our enemies, or that could drastically change the landscape. If we change to nationalized health care, I hope I don’t get sick.”

Obama says he’ll bring hope and change, and for once I agree with a liberal Democrat, because I don’t doubt it.

In this case however, I think the truth will hurt… badly.

“Gee, I null he doesn’t get us killed.”