Barack Obama’s website now has a “Fight the Smears” section to do battle with all the “he’s a Muslim” kind of things.

Here’s just one that’s on the top of the main page:

LIE: Rush Limbaugh says a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word “whitey” from the pulpit of Trinity United

Actually that’s a lie (smear?), because Limbaugh only said that there was a rumor that the tape existed. But on the page linked to, they admit to this:

Rush Limbaugh said he had heard a rumor that a tape exists

Since the accusation that “Obama’s books contain racially incendiary remarks” is defended by claiming the book quotes are “truncated and out of context,” they shouldn’t then do something similar to an alleged smearer.

Next up I’m expecting something like this:

LIE: Obama is black. Wrong! His mother was white.

Update: Someone (not sure who yet, I ran across this on a news forum) has helped update Obama’s “Smear vs. Truth” section:



Off-topic, if politics is just getting too bitter and frustrating for you, here’s your “feelgood moment of the day” to lighten things up. Have you ever gotten sick of mainstream media bias and wanted some payback? Maybe this will help in some small way:

CNN producer gets tased

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