Is Bill Dating Again?

I’m no photo analyst, but this picture released by the Edmonton Sun, purportedly showing Bill Clinton holding hands with some woman, looks very suspect:


Don’t get me wrong — it’s plausible (Bill goes up north a lot these days because a Canuck court recently ruled, under the Canadian Constitution, that “eatin’ ain’t cheatin'”) — but the picture just looks fake.

The woman in the picture seems to have her right hand at her side or behind her back, and the lower part of the arm seems to come out of nowhere. Possibly there’s somebody standing behind the woman in front that created an optical illusion. Either way I can’t help but wonder if Belinda Stronach is jealous — unless that’s her standing behind the woman in front.

Of course, now that Hillary’s presidential dreams this year are down the toilet, it’s very possible that Bubba has gone back to dating publicly. This girl has that Paula Jones quality that has demostrated its ability to make Bill’s trousers succumb to Newton’s Law of Gravity.

Author: Doug Powers

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