Rich Hollywood Liberal Hypocrite #295: Will Smith

How much more money does Hollywood donate to Democrats than Republicans?

Here’s some idea:

An analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, based on fundraising data released May 21, found Obama had collected more than $4 million from movie, TV and music businesses during the campaign. Clinton had received $3.4 million.

McCain’s take: $636,000.

Hey, there’s only so much the Republicans can raise from Tom Selleck, Patricia Heaton and Robert Duvall.

The reason Hollywood’s so liberal is best explained using Will Smith’s reasoning, or lack thereof, in the video below that lasts just over 30 seconds.

Here’s yet another uber-wealthy actor (Smith makes about $20 million per movie — boo hoo) who became a huge success in the United States and is living his dream with his take on why Obama’s star is on the rise around the world:

“It hasn’t been a ‘good thing’ to be an American.” (As it concerns foreign perception of America) “And this is the first time — since Barack has gotten the nomination — that it’s been a ‘good thing’…”

It would be an even ‘better thing’ if hypocritical doofknobs like this packed up and left. If it’s so bad here and so good there, why are you still here? That’s all I ever want to ask, and all they never want to answer.

Here’s unappreciative, myopic and idiotic liberal piffle at its finest:

Hey, that was good ventriloquism. I didn’t even see Michelle’s lips move.

Author: Doug Powers

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